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Beauty, harmony, good nature and strength, are the qualities that best describe the examples of pure Spanish thoroughbreds at the Yeguada Solitel.
A farm founded specifically to breed the best, elegant Spanish thoroughbreds.

The colts are separated by age and distributed into different open spaces within the farm, enjoying the feeling of freedom allowing us to see the famous traits of purebred and nobility at the same time as their physical characteristic are evolving.
In reality, we started off as new up and coming breeders, yet over time our quality and quantity levels have increased. We have clear, definitive objectives: breed pure Spanish thoroughbreds, known for their beauty, class and agility, after a long search for the correct genealogy lineage. We have studs rigorously chosen for their quality which along with the best selected mares, produce perfect specimens. Allowing us to breed good, solid horses with a natural disposition and grace ideal for dressage.
The horses at Yeguada Solitel are functional yet elegant, complete with articulate movement and good form, with strong, straight backs and hindquarters.

At our farm, our examples speak for themselves along side the excellent installations perfect for the optimum development of the horses best qualities. The future of this breeder is dominated by the functionality of these incredible animals. We look for complete horses, not just those with aesthetic beauty.
Our aim is to provide horses with qualities based on their nobility and beauty, the best qualities of these famous Spanish thoroughbreds, combined with good morphology and correct functionality.

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